Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mummies are Magic

I have a little confession to make. 
My daughters think that I am magic. 
Why would they think that, you ask? 
Well, because I told them so. 

I'm not saying I have Super Hero powers or anything (oh, what I wouldn't give to make myself invisible at times!), but I think Motherhood has definitely heightened all my senses. Sometimes I feel like I'm the character of Jamie Somers from the cheesy 1970's tv show 'The Bionic Woman'. She was an astronaut that was rebuilt with bionic parts after an horrific car accident. This gave her superhuman strength, speed and sensory abilities.

My vision is sharper (especially peripheral), I can see what goes on behind my back when my cheeky chicas think I'm not looking.
My hearing is astounding.
I can hear them whispering all the way from the other end of the house, plotting their next mischievous move.
I can differentiate between a delighted giggle, and the "oh my goodness if mummy sees us she's going to get angry" giggle.
I can hear if they haven't flushed the toilet.
I can hear when the tap is turned past the normal 'handwashing' amount, thus threatening to flood our bathroom with tsunami-like waves of suds and water.
I can hear when they are dragging chairs to get to the cupboard where I hide all the special treats.
I can hear the gentle thud of their feet hitting the floorboards when they try and sneak out of their beds at bedtime. "Go back to bed!", my voice booms from the other end of the house, and I hear them scuttle back under their covers.
My reflexes are impressive. Wonderwoman herself would be impressed.
I can catch a falling cup filled with juice without spilling a drop.
I can sprint to save a toddler falling out of a chair.

I have trained my special Mamma-vision to make the most of the reflective surfaces in the house (that's if I've managed to get all the sticky handprints off them).
I use mirrors, windows, the reflection of the tv to catch them in the act.
Everytime I foil one of their plans, they are astounded.
"But Mummy, how did you know we were going to do that?" they ask, slightly afraid, slightly bewildered, slightly in awe.
"Because," I respond, with all the seriousness I can muster, "Mummies. Are. Magic."

Well, we are, aren't we?

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