Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Riveting Tidbits about Whoa Mamma Revealed!

The darling Jac from Common Chaos Chronicle has tiggy-tagged me and challenged me to reveal 10 little factoids about myself to you, my darling readers. Well Jac, you asked for it:


1. I have an Arts Degree Major in Film & Television Studies, with a Minor in Archaeology.
    If I wasn't spending my days as a Haus-Frau peeling carrots, tending to 3 kiddies and a Darling Husband and moonlighting as Whoa Mamma, I had envisaged my life as a female Tarantino, writing film scripts while simultaneously searching for buried treasures in Ancient kingdoms. Yes, I'm the original Lara Croft.

2.  I met my Husband at a Bachelor Party. Intrigued? Love a good Romance? (you can read about it here)

3.  When I was 9 years old my family and I were extras in a music video for Australian rockgroup Men At Work. I am a black shadow at the 1.20 mark throwing confetti during a wedding scene.

4.  May 2005- May 2007 is a bit of a blur. Those 24 months of my life were dedicated to 2 pregnancies, which resulted in 3 darling girls (Twins first, followed by their little sister who came along 16 months later)

5.  I collect and have a real affinity for Native American silver and turquoise jewellery. My collection began when I bought my first antique Navajo ring at the age of 16. They're spiritual and sacred treasures that just resonate with my soul.

6.  I love the Cinema (but haven't been for years). My record as a Film Student was seeing 4 screenings in one day (that's a lot of popcorn!) My favourite films of all time are: Amelie, The Sound of Music, Edward Scissorhands, Reservoir Dogs and An Affair to Remember.

7.  I live 5 minutes walk to the beach. I love the beach but I'm TERRIFIED of sharks (Damn you, Spielberg!!!) When I'm in the water I'm scared to go past my waist, all I can think of is 'sharkbait'.

8. I usually dress from top to toe in black, but love to spice things up with red shoes.

9. I cried at the end of the Barbie DVD 'Island Princess' when the shipwrecked girl Ro was reunited with her long-lost mother.

10. I can pop a small length of string in my mouth and tie a knot in it using only my tongue (yes, it impresses my husband) Inspired by the character of Audrey Horne from 'Twin Peaks' who used to tie her knots with cherry stems.

Well there you have it. 10 Things You Didn't Really Need To Know About Whoa Mamma.

If there's anything you'd REALLY like to know about me, don't be shy. Ask away!
I'm Happy to Share. Sharing is Caring. xxx

What's something fascinating about YOU that you'd like to share?
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