Monday, April 18, 2011

Edward Scissorhands: My Son-in-Law

"Mummy?" chimed Little Miss A over breakfast.
"Yes, my little poppet?"
"I want to marry Edward".
"Oh, that's nice my darlin'. Is he a boy in your class?"
"No, mummy. I love Edward Scissorhands. I want to marry him".
"Well, my love, you've only just turned 5. Marriage is still a long, long, LONG way away".
With that Little Miss A grabbed a tea towel and draped it over her head like a bridal veil, calling out for her twin sister, Little Miss C, to assist her in rehearsing for her future nuptials.
I had to give it to Little Miss A for her originality.  I pondered what life would be like to have Edward in the family. We'd save money on haircuts, obviously. He'd be handy opening the mail, unlocking doors when I've lost the key, chopping the lettuce. He could also prune my hedges (not in a sexual nature). Little Miss A had professed love for the princes in the fairytales and of course, her daddy. But Edward was a surprising first and demonstrated to me more than anything that she had my DNA, the Quirky Gene.

I remembered that when I was about 6 or 7 I wanted to marry Monkey Magic. He was a Monkey god that flew around on a magical pink cloud. Don't know how practical he would have been around the house, but we would've been safe if we were to be attacked by ninjas, and travelling about on a cloud would have been fun.

I'm all for unconventional heroes and fostering childrens imaginations. With my girls I just want to let them BE. I sit back and watch their personalities unfold, and they often surprise me. But in saying that, they chop and change all the time. Currently Little Miss A is consumed by all things Dramatic and  Romantic. Little Miss C (her twin) is the Brooding Artist. And my littlest, Katrushki, just wants to make people laugh. Next week they'll be inspired by something else. But I know that today, tomorrow and everyday after that they are the ones that inspire ME.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Heart Coffee

My morning ritual starts with caffeine. Must have coffee. Cannot open eyes, cannot think, cannot function until the kettle whistles and I'm pouring steaming hot water into my cup of desperation and salvation. Aaaah, that's better. Sometimes my hot coffee takes me an hour to drink. I can tell by the number of ring marks on my mug how many mummy duties I've been called to perform. The referee, the missing sock/shoe locator, the hairstylist, the caterer, the chauffeur. And that's just the morning. I can drink it cold. In Europe that's the trend, frappé. I will drink it any way you serve it, just give it to me.

My current cup of choice is my treasured Grinderman mug. When you drink from a vessel displaying Nick Cave's face, people know you mean business.  Pretty, dainty floral china is reserved for peppermint  tea only. Oh, and only The Mum can drink from Grinderman.

As I was putting the kettle on for the third time this morning, my little Miss A walked into the kitchen. "What are you doing, Mummy?"
"Just making a coffee, sweetie".
Little Miss A came over and rubbed me sympathetically on my back.
"Because you're tired, mama? You work so hard, just like a servant", and with that she gave me an encouraging hug and kiss and went off to play with her siblings.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whoa, Mamma!

Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming? I do.
Today I looked around the house, toys everywhere, kitchen in chaos, the laundry crying out for help. You know how it is, school holidays. I love my girls. I want to cuddle and nuzzle them and squish them with love. But the mess! My girls have changed outfits at least 3 times each today. From princesses, to fairies, to flamenco dancers. You do the math. No wonder my laundry room is quaking in fear everytime I head out with a basket.

Today I wanted to be a Cowgirl. Whipping out my lasso, rounding up my rowdy lot, getting the house into some kind of order. But that was just a fleeting dream.
Instead I enjoyed the reality of playing dolls with my girls, colouring in rabbits, reading about Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West and, in about 10 mins time, baking a wonderfully messy chocolate mudcake for us to enjoy.

Aaah, Motherhood. I'm up on my horse and enjoying the ride.
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