Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trinkets on Tuesday: Love Conquers All

I'm so excited to be linking up again with the gorgeous Naomi from Diva Mum for 'Trinkets on Tuesday'. Another excuse to dig into my treasure box and share with you another one of my beloved trinkets.

Todays special treasure is one I discovered on Etsy and fell in love with it at first sight.
It's my beautiful 'Love Conquers in Battle' brooch by a fabulous designer based in Greece, Demi, who names her exquisite range of adornments,  Amoronia.

Image from Amoronia's Etsy shop
Amoronia designs are vintage inspired and often One of A Kind, using upcycled and repurposed jewels, beads and crystals. Charming and whimsical and quite, quite special, every Amoronia piece tells a story.

My beautiful brooch is worn as my Badge of Honor, close to my heart. It features an Ancient Greek quote from Classical writer Socrates 'Eρως άνίκατε μάχαν (pronounced: Eros anikaté mahhan) which translates as 'Love Unconquerable in Battle'. One of my own personal phlosophies. I'm a great believer in the Power of Love and have Faith that it can conquer all....always.

I love the antiqued brass patina and the scrolls of the frame. It looks very vintagey. At the bottom of the brooch dangles the loveliest creamy jade bead.

I love this brooch so much. I feel connected to my Grecian heritage when I wear it. It makes me happy and proud, and I wear it as a symbol that when times get a bit sad or stormy, Love will always rescue me.

♥ What favourite accessory do you wear closest to your heart? 

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Lady and the Boots

It is said that you can tell a lot about a person from the clothes that they wear. I used to think this was very true until, one day, my eyes were opened up by an encounter with the Lady and the Boots.

I was in my late teens, studying at University and working at a Major Department Store selling Ladies Shoes. I'm sure that is where my obsession and appreciation for footwear really took off. My employers were quite savvy with the staff discounts too because it seemed that all my pay would go right back into the store, while my wardrobe overflowed with a collection that even Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw would have been envious of.

The Ladies Shoes department was vast, one of the largest in the world. It was a mini country, its landscape dotted with mountains of leather, suede, peeptoes,  wedges, platforms, stilettos, boots, espadrilles, slingbacks and court shoes. There was shimmer and shine amongst the razzle and dazzle.

In the hierarchy of the Department, the least popular section to work in was the comfort area (affectionately known as 'Granny Land'). This is where I started off my training, assisting the lovely senior citizens in selecting safe, non-slip comfortable footwear to accomodate their orthotics, bunions, swollen ankles and other such delights. On occasion I would have to help some of these dearies slip on a stocking when they couldn't bend to do it themselves.

Happily I was soon promoted to the Mecca of all footwear (insert 'Hallelujah' chorus of Heavenly Angels) The International Designers section. Swoon, swoon and double swoon. The heels were high and nasty. The satin and the bling was blinding. These shoes were works of art with a price tag to match. The Designer shoes were the ones the Working Women would come in and lovingly stroke during their lunch break. Their eyes would leer seductively as they whispered longingly 'One day, you will be mine...'

One quiet midweek afternoon I was dusting the Calvin Kleins when a lovely little lady walked in to the department. She was in her late 50's, early 60's with short cropped hair, wearing a red checked shirt, jeans and dusty suede lace up work boots. She kind of looked like she belonged on a farm picking berries. I half expected her to ask for directions to the comfort section or the toilet, she was not like the brash, flashy type of customer who would often frequent the Designer section. Clicking their bedazzled fingers, those customers would send us back and forth trying on every strappy sandal their eyes espied. I'd developed quite a talent navigating my way around the department with  a Leaning Tower of Pisa-esque arrangement of boxes, not dropping a single one on the head of a  Diva (as tempting as that might have been). I put away my duster and greeted her. She had the loveliest smile. The Lady made her way to a table of Sergio Rossi's. They were the sleekest, sexiest range in our department. She picked up a shiny leather knee high boot and a killer patent black leather stiletto and gleefully asked if we had them in a 7. I went out the back and brought out the sizes for her, studying her as she tried them on. Her joy was infectious. I recognized the same joy I would feel when trying on a sexy pair of shoes. She tenderly stroked the leather, caressing it against her calf. She marvelled at the shape of the heel, following its sharp lines with her fingers. She pulled the zip up and down, listening to its high-pitched metallic melody.

"I love them, I'll take them!" she exclaimed as she pulled out her credit card for the $1500 purchase.

Walking to the counter she divulged that it had been over 9 months since she'd worn heels.
"Are they for a special occassion?" I asked, as I lovingly wrapped her package.
"The special occassion is Me. I work hard and I deserve it. I'm on an oil rig 9 months a year, nowhere to go, not spending a cent. When I'm back on land I like to treat myself to something special and feel like a woman again. My kids are all grown up and settled, the only person I have to please is myself".

I'll never forget that Lady. She inspired me that day and I think of her often.
Everytime I feel scruffy or stuck in a mummy-rut, I think back to the Sergio Rossi's and reach for my sexiest perfume, underwear, accessories and/or shoes and feel the Sultry Siren come alive again.

And just like that Lady, as long as the Shoe still fits, I'll Wear it.

What's your little indulgence that brings the Sultry Siren back out in you?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trinkets on Tuesday : Barcelona Butterfly

I am so excited to be linking up today with the wonderful Naomi of Diva Mum and sharing some of my beautiful treasures every week as part of  Diva Mum's 'Trinkets on Tuesday'.

I love collecting jewellery and my eye always gravitates towards ecclectic, soulful pieces. I love pieces that tell a story or have a history to them. From a young age I would always opt for a vintage accessory over a modern one. Jewellery and adornments just add that extra sparkle to any outfit and often give an extra boost in confidence. So much easier than shopping for clothes!

I'm thrilled to be able to share my treasures with you every week and also take the opportunity to showcase some fabulous new designers that I've come across during my virtual wanderings around the pleasure-fest that is Etsy.

Todays special piece was given to me this morning by my beautiful little sister who arrived from Barcelona, Spain last night. It is a beautiful necklace featuring a gold and turquoise butterfly. My sister knows me so well. Butterflies have a very special significance in my life which you can read about here.
I also have an affinity for turquoise jewellery. It's a colour that I wouldn't wear in clothing but that I would drown myself in accessories.

My Beautiful Barcelona Butterfly

Can't wait to share with you my special collection for next week.

Do you collect jewellery? What are your favourite pieces?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The $400 Dollar Bread :or: What Happens When My Husband Goes Shopping

'Twas a miserable week, the past week in Casa de Whoa Mamma.
One sick husband, 3 sick daughters, a sleep-deprived Mamma, yes indeed, it was a woeful week.
My darling husband had a day off from work yesterday, and feeling replenished from all my Tender Love and Care, decided he would venture out to the shops.

"The girls have been so sick, I want to get them a little treat to make them feel better" he whispered to me so they wouldn't overhear him. "Do you need anything from the shops?"

"Just some fresh bread, my darling" I answered (even though images of custard donuts, family blocks of chocolate and Viktor & Rolf's 'FlowerBomb' parfum where hurtling through my mind).

"Okay. I might just take Little Katrushki with me. She's been bedridden all week, she's begging to leave the house" said my darling Husband. Alarm bells rang in my head. I know the power of Katrushki. Daddies cannot resist her demands.

"Okay sweetheart, but PLEASE, don't go overboard".


My husband and Katrushki returned 2 hours later.

"Surprise girlies!" said Katrushki to her sisters who were waiting patiently in the living room for her return. Katrushki was armed with 3 Barbie DVDs. "Yay, Barbie!" screamed the delighted twins.
I shot my husband a look to say that one DVD would have sufficed. He looked scared.

"But wait, girlies!" said the little sister to her big sisters, "Daddy has more surprises!! Come, look!!"

Oh, oh!

The 3 girls ran to the entrance where my husband had was hiding behind a couple of giant shopping bags that would have put Santa to shame.

Oh God, what had he done?!!!!!

"Look!!! Wedding Barbie! Fairy Barbie! Dress-Up Barbie! Princess Dress! Tiara! Two Tiaras! Running shoes!! Two running shoes!! Three running shoes! Lollies!!!! Thank you, Daddy!!! We love you Daddy!!" they chanted as the smothered him with kisses and cuddles.

I gave him The Look as I rummaged through the bags and found the receipts.
Four hundred dollars.

That is 2 weeks groceries/ the electricity bill/ 2 nights stay at a luxurious hotel!!!!! Aaaarrggghhh!

"I love them and want them to get them things they love" he sheepishly said, avoiding eye contact.

My husband was born in Greece and had a very loving but modest upbringing, compared to my popular-culture saturated childhood. From the age of 7 he worked alongside his mother picking tobacco in the rural fields of Northern Greece. His father was a woodcutter who worked up in the mountains for long periods of time. Everytime my husband's father would return from a long period away, he would take his whole family out for special sweets and bring them special treats. This is something my husband always treasured as a child, and always remembers.

My husband works 6 days a week in hospitality. He works weekends and late into the night. He doesn't get to spend much time at the moment with our darlings, and this is his way of trying to make it up to them.

I must admit, I hardly ever buy my girls toys. They get so many from the rest of our relatives. I prefer to buy them books to read with them, clothing that they'll wear, and accessories for fun. I'm forever culling their toy collection and sometimes I fear that it will never end.

I sighed. My husband was happy and proud, surrounded by besotted females he adored.

"Where's the bread, darling?" I asked, searching the bags.

"Woops! I forgot!!!!".


King Daddy with his Three Princesses

Icy poles are sweet, but nothing is sweeter than
having 3 daughters

We love you Daddy!
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