Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The $400 Dollar Bread :or: What Happens When My Husband Goes Shopping

'Twas a miserable week, the past week in Casa de Whoa Mamma.
One sick husband, 3 sick daughters, a sleep-deprived Mamma, yes indeed, it was a woeful week.
My darling husband had a day off from work yesterday, and feeling replenished from all my Tender Love and Care, decided he would venture out to the shops.

"The girls have been so sick, I want to get them a little treat to make them feel better" he whispered to me so they wouldn't overhear him. "Do you need anything from the shops?"

"Just some fresh bread, my darling" I answered (even though images of custard donuts, family blocks of chocolate and Viktor & Rolf's 'FlowerBomb' parfum where hurtling through my mind).

"Okay. I might just take Little Katrushki with me. She's been bedridden all week, she's begging to leave the house" said my darling Husband. Alarm bells rang in my head. I know the power of Katrushki. Daddies cannot resist her demands.

"Okay sweetheart, but PLEASE, don't go overboard".


My husband and Katrushki returned 2 hours later.

"Surprise girlies!" said Katrushki to her sisters who were waiting patiently in the living room for her return. Katrushki was armed with 3 Barbie DVDs. "Yay, Barbie!" screamed the delighted twins.
I shot my husband a look to say that one DVD would have sufficed. He looked scared.

"But wait, girlies!" said the little sister to her big sisters, "Daddy has more surprises!! Come, look!!"

Oh, oh!

The 3 girls ran to the entrance where my husband had was hiding behind a couple of giant shopping bags that would have put Santa to shame.

Oh God, what had he done?!!!!!

"Look!!! Wedding Barbie! Fairy Barbie! Dress-Up Barbie! Princess Dress! Tiara! Two Tiaras! Running shoes!! Two running shoes!! Three running shoes! Lollies!!!! Thank you, Daddy!!! We love you Daddy!!" they chanted as the smothered him with kisses and cuddles.

I gave him The Look as I rummaged through the bags and found the receipts.
Four hundred dollars.

That is 2 weeks groceries/ the electricity bill/ 2 nights stay at a luxurious hotel!!!!! Aaaarrggghhh!

"I love them and want them to get them things they love" he sheepishly said, avoiding eye contact.

My husband was born in Greece and had a very loving but modest upbringing, compared to my popular-culture saturated childhood. From the age of 7 he worked alongside his mother picking tobacco in the rural fields of Northern Greece. His father was a woodcutter who worked up in the mountains for long periods of time. Everytime my husband's father would return from a long period away, he would take his whole family out for special sweets and bring them special treats. This is something my husband always treasured as a child, and always remembers.

My husband works 6 days a week in hospitality. He works weekends and late into the night. He doesn't get to spend much time at the moment with our darlings, and this is his way of trying to make it up to them.

I must admit, I hardly ever buy my girls toys. They get so many from the rest of our relatives. I prefer to buy them books to read with them, clothing that they'll wear, and accessories for fun. I'm forever culling their toy collection and sometimes I fear that it will never end.

I sighed. My husband was happy and proud, surrounded by besotted females he adored.

"Where's the bread, darling?" I asked, searching the bags.

"Woops! I forgot!!!!".


King Daddy with his Three Princesses

Icy poles are sweet, but nothing is sweeter than
having 3 daughters

We love you Daddy!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff !!! Three Cheers for Daddy !!! Besides who needs fresh bread when you have tiaras ;)

ilja said...

hahahahaha, That made me laugh out loud and my hubby asked 'what are you reading'... What a great post. We have the same problem, but with the car! "why do you let them eat in the car he asks". I always reply with a -just wait untill you have them for a day and they are hungry, cranky, screaming etc..... Just wait untill they ask...' So he takes them out, and they will have eaten donuts, cookies, banana drinks etc. All in the car...... xx

BoPeep said...

Love it. This over-indulgent daddy syndrome is quite widespread, I fear. But then I guess we Mamas need at least one person to counter act our over-zealous toybox purging habits. :)

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

We have Barbie obsessed little girls here too - but their daddy always says no, LOL!

Mummy not so much.

Trexxann said...

I love this! You have a way with words. :) Your hubby sounds like a keeper. My hubby is the toy purger - he'll toss them without a second thought. He does indulge our children just as quickly though! Go figure!!!

retrorevival.biz said...

My fave blog post in weeks! Warmed my heart and made me laugh (sorry, I'm *hopefully* laughing WITH you). That's a good man you have there. And very lucky girls to have such a wonderful daddy:)


Anonymous said...

You have such a loving family. This is another gorgeous story.

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