Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me: (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

The day began with me finding a silver hair in my eyebrow.
Ah, 36.
Am off to a great start.

Darling Le Husband ushered the girlies into the kitchen where I was presented with a beautiful bunch of hyacinths, a voucher for a pampering facial and massage,  and a pretty little box wrapped in glittery gold paper. Katrushki proudly gave me a drawing crumpled around a 20 cent piece.

Inside the box was a lovely necklace enscribed with my name, "Jessica".
You see, I'm 36 now and am renowned for bouts of forgetfullness ('Mumnesia', I call it). 
At least I'll never forget my name.

My mother popped round and surprised me with some cookbooks. 
(Need a bit of help in the culinary department, do I, hey Mummy Dearest????)

Mother Dearest then took me out to brunch for some delish  Ricotta and Blueberry Hotcakes. Yum!

Katrushki and I snuggled up by the cafe's warming fireplace.

I am now deliriously happy lying in bed while fabulous Mr WhoaMamma does the grocery shopping and school pick-ups. My birthday wish was to have a day off cooking and cleaning. So far, so good.

Darling sister has offered up her babysitting services so I foresee lots of sangria and cocktails in Mr & Mrs WhoaMamma's future tonight. Olé!

I have a feeling 36 is going to be the best year yet!

What's been your favourite birthday so far?

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside...

It was one of those magical Winter days, all sunshine.
Darling le Husband and I gave each other a knowing look:
"Let's escape".
We pried the children away from the laptop and television (sadly, they have inherited their mother's addiction) and rounded up the 3 Barbie scooters.
With sunshine as glorious as this, it was too good to waste in front of a screen full of pixels.

Daddy with his Beach Bunnies

Katrushki in the Sun
Twin Bookends

Barefoot and carefree
"Mummy, the water is tickling my toes!"

"Can we do this every day?!"

Ahoy, there!

We collected some shells to remember the day

It was a very good day.

What do you like to do to chase the Winter Blues away?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Under the Winter Sun: or : Good Things Happen When You Run Away from Laundry

It was a morning just like any other manic school morning.
Day in, day out. The same.
Always the same.
A frenzy of locating boots, library books, permission slips, slicing bananas, burning the toast, plaiting braids, settling arguments, wiping away tears.
The walk to school was brisk, hurried.
Through the school gates, "Bye darlings. Kiss, kiss. Have a great day. Mummy loves you".

I turned my heels to return home.
I paused.
What was awaiting me?
Unmade beds, dirty dishes, mountains of laundry, floors littered with toys.
Bugger that!

Time to get out of the Routine Rut and have a spontaneous adventure.

I was On The Run.
Running Away from Domestic Drudgery.
Having a Spontaneous Adventure.
And loving every single thrilling moment of it.

First stop, coffee.
With a deliciously hot latte in hand I let my soul guide me.
It followed the rays of the sun and led me to the glistening horizon of the sea.
The Beach.
If there is a place on earth that can cure any of my soul's ills, it is the beach.
I am blessed, blessed, blessed to be living 5 mins walk away from it.

I breathed in the salty sea air. Rejoicing in Rejuvination.

I made my way to the pier, seagulls dancing overhead.
I heard a most beautiful voice chanting in the wind.
A man dressed in a yellow fisherman's hooded jacket was standing on the pier, his arms outstretched, the sun's rays making his face glow golden. He was oblivious to me as I timidly and respectfully walked past him. I did not want to disturb. He sang to the sun. I could make out some Spanish words. Was it a lament? An ode? It was beautiful. I found myself tearing up. I wanted to know his story. The mysterious singing stranger dressed in yellow singing to the Sun. I walked on as his soulful chant was carried by the wind.

The sun's rays glistened on the water like jewels, they were the diamonds of my day.

A little empty boat rocked gently. I imagined laying in it and napping, like a baby in a cradle.

A self-portrait, of sorts.


Suede winter boots amongst shells and sand

I left my mark by the Sea, just as it had left its beautiful mark on me.

When was the last time you had a spontaneous adventure?

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