About Whoa, Mamma!


This is not me!

My name is Jess, so nice to meet you!!
It would be easy (and so, so wrong!) to say "I'm just a mum". I'm a stay-at-home "aspiring"  Domestic Goddess and wannabe Supermama, trying to make some sense from the chaotic and, at times, nonsensical blur that is Motherhood (I'd like to see that put on a business card!!).  Mamma to 3 cheeky chicas and one loving (and very obliging) husband, they rule my world.

This isn't me, either

This blog was started one day when I found myself at the end of my tether. I decided to become a 'Whoa, Mamma!' instead of a 'Woe Mamma'. This blog is a therapuetic way of helping me try to find the balance between mummy-duties, enhancing my loving relationship with my darling husband, and setting about accomplishing all those little dreams and desires I had for myself before I became 'The Mum'. 

This is what I think to myself, but never say out loud

Vignettes, observations and musings about anything that I want to get off my (ample) chest ;) Daydreaming is my forté. Ridiculous daydream scenarios include imaginary conversations with Oprah in my kitchen, being a 1930's burlesque dancer, spinning on the top of a mountain like Maria from 'The Sound of Music', and the lovely dimple in Cary Grant's chin....

I wish this was me!

A visionboard I made once.
You can tell a lot about a person (apparently!) by what they display.
That being the case, my family is the centre of my Universe,
(oh! and red shoes!!!!!)

This is how I feel (inside) when I'm angry

Don't make me angry

Mmmm, Cary Grant.
My husband has the exact same dimple on his chin!

This still isn't me....

But wait!
Scroll down a little further....

A sexy cupcake to distract you...

Taaaaa - daaaaaaah!

You finally found me!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Hope to see you again soon!!


Anonymous said...

I love it Jess. Shell xx

Minni Mittsie said...

Ahhhh, so nice to see that beautiful face at the end of a wonderful blog entry! You haven't changed one bit, you are still the same gorgeous Jess I met back in our 'Penguin Suit' days! Love you lots sweetheart ♥

Jessicats said...

Thank you MiShelly!
Remember, "Blogging Is the New Black". Time to start yours, hun.
Michelle's awesomeness NEEDS to be unleashed to the world! Can't wait!!

Jessicats said...

And my darling Miss Minni Mittsie, there's plenty of blogging to be had based on those "Penguin Suits"!! Love you lots MORE, my beautiful, generous, gorgeously talented friend!!! Kisses to you and your darling Princess xxxxxxx

Jessica Jane Sammut said...

Love it - your images are just fabulous and make me laugh out loud ♥

Deborah said...

Reading your blog is delightful. Thanks. :)

loulou said...

that's funny :)



CRAP Mamma said...

Just foud your blog Jess and I'm glad I did. You've got a great sense of humour. Looking forward to reading more. Jac :)

Lorna said...


Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, because it brought me here!

I love your style, and I too look forward to reading more!


Taneith Lanyon said...

hi Jess
just wanted to pop by to tell you that you're halarious.
thankyou for making me laugh again and again and again...

sending you sprinkles


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