Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whoa, Mamma!

Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming? I do.
Today I looked around the house, toys everywhere, kitchen in chaos, the laundry crying out for help. You know how it is, school holidays. I love my girls. I want to cuddle and nuzzle them and squish them with love. But the mess! My girls have changed outfits at least 3 times each today. From princesses, to fairies, to flamenco dancers. You do the math. No wonder my laundry room is quaking in fear everytime I head out with a basket.

Today I wanted to be a Cowgirl. Whipping out my lasso, rounding up my rowdy lot, getting the house into some kind of order. But that was just a fleeting dream.
Instead I enjoyed the reality of playing dolls with my girls, colouring in rabbits, reading about Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West and, in about 10 mins time, baking a wonderfully messy chocolate mudcake for us to enjoy.

Aaah, Motherhood. I'm up on my horse and enjoying the ride.

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Anthea said...

Just a wonderful take on reality... the sad part is that it is all temporary and before you know it, they are 18 and off with their own lives... yep Jess, enjoy the ride!!... I miss them already ... much love and many blessings to you my domesticGODDESSkoumbarra - I appreciate you more than you know for making me their Godmother who unfortunately cannot spend as much time as she wants to.. love love love, power to you my warm open hearted joyful presense of the universe wrapped in a mothers body.......X......mouah!......X

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