Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whoa Mamma's Grateful Grecian Goddess Giveaway!!

My darlings, some of you may know that I have just returned from a whirlwind little trip to Greece, the land of my ancestors. I had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends, and enjoyed watching my little Katrushki walk down the aisle as a gorgeous flowergirl at her Godfather's wedding, which took place in an old stone church in a picturesque village on Mount Olympus, the home of the Ancient Greek Gods.

Katrushki, the little Flowergirl
Upon my little Mediterranean sojourn, I picked up a few of my favourite things along the way, from some of my most loved Greek brands, with a little giveaway in mind. This is my present to you, in gratitude for all your love and support in indulging me on my little Whoa Mamma journey.

'Whoa, Mamma!' is a little world I've created that focuses on turning the woes in life, into whoa's! Blogging has helped me reconnect to the little soul inside me that had been buried under  the weight of all my 'Mummy-Duties'. I believe in nurturing gratitude and promoting things of beauty, inspiration and positivity. Thank you for reading my musings, taking the time to comment, and sharing in all the Woes and Whoa's. It means the world to me.

And so, as a heartfelt Thank You to you all,  I have come up with Whoa Mamma's 'Grateful Grecian Goddess Giveaway'!!

This little collection of treasures is made up of:
  • a 10cm Mastic scented votive candle from Mastihashop, (mastic is an ancient resin found only on the Greek island of Chios and has amazing therapeutic properties)
  • Rose chewing gum with Chios Mastiha from Mastihashop
  • a 50ml KORRES Yoghurt Body Butter, (for luscious, glowing skin)
  • a 125g KORRES Pomegranate Soap (for face & body, it's a cleanser and toner in one!)
  • a 70g block of world-famous ION Milk chocolate with Almonds (Whoa Mamma's favourite!)
  • a handmade traditionally beaded Greek lucky-charm bracelet (because you can never have enough luck in this world!)
A Treasure Trove of Grecian Goodness!

KORRES Pomegranate soap

Yummy, yummy ION chocolate!!

Gorgeous rosepetal gum from MASTIHASHOP

One lucky darling will win it all, hopefully that's YOU!

All you have to do to enter is to be a follower of my blog or 'Whoa, Mamma' Facebook page and leave me a comment below sharing 3 things that fill your heart with Joy. Not too hard, is it?

Entries close Sunday 20th November and the winner will be drawn using (I'm going to leave it up to Fate, choosing a winner from all you lovely folk would be like being asked to choose a favourite child!). Winner will be announced on my blog and Facebook page next week so stay tuned!

Please note: this is not a sponsored post. Everything in this giveway was purchased with Love, by me, with my own little euros xxxx

GOOD LUCK and feel free to share amongst your friends!!!


Minni Mittsie said...

My darling Jess, THANK YOU for being such an inspiration and bringing us all some wonderful blog entries! The three things that give me joy are -
*My daughter's beautiful smile and snuggly cuddles
*My wonderful family brings me so much joy with their love and support
*Spring/Summer brings me joy aswell because nature brings toe most beautiful colours and gorgoeus weather

Keep up the wonderful work sweetheart - We ♥ Whoa Mamma! ♥♥

kirri said...

What a gorgeous giveaway Jess...Great to have you back too!

Three things that give me joy?
~My husbands love
~The smell and kisses of my wee girls
~Summer fun and beaches!

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

You are beyond gorgeous Jess <3

my three things?
* my children's laughter and quirks
* my husband's love and understanding
* ice cream!!!!!!!

Carmel James said...

ok gorgeous girl... my JOY in this world!
J - Just about everything, each and every day will bring a new joy for me. It could be seeing my children smile or a I love you mum hug (Ohhh I do love those hugs), A pretty flower, music, the sunshine or (especially at the moment) a little rain to cool and cleanse the earth.
O - Obviously that's you... well dughhh I do find that each and everytime your little feed pops up on my facebook wall I am grinning. So yes, you very much bring JOY.
Y - Yuletide (it's starting to look and sound alot like Christmas). I have a love and hate relationship with this time of the year. But secretly (shhh don't give me away) I LOVE Christmas. The look on the kids faces with suspense building up to Christmas morning. The carols (yes I love the carols) .. I am a member of the local Christmas Carols by Candlelight Choir, and every year (if we are not hit by a freak storm before or during the concert thus cancelling the carols... don't laugh this has happened.... I have seen my choir of over 100 all resplendent in our red tshirts soaked to the skin from a very sudden incredibly scary storm that hit JUST as we got onstage. (believe me on a metal framed stage covered with electrical instruments and wires.. this is not where you want to be during a lightning storm) In the end after we "calmly" evacuated the stage we ended up behind the stage in the pouring rain singing our carols to David Campbell who was our guest artist that year. We eventually convinced him to come out into the rain with us! I love Carols by Candlelight .. and honestly onstage is the best seat in the house (mostly because yes indeed we get seats), we get to meet the guest artists, we get to sing to the thousands and to be honest I defy anyone to not feel the JOY of Christmas when you have over 10thousand candles and lights glinting back at you. The sight of it does take your breath away!
So there you have it... MY JOYS in life.

Angela K said...

oh am i a follower!!! in a big huge way! both your blog and facebook! your a dear and i love your personality...its a lot like mine! my joy...simple things really...
1. my daughter, who is still at home an attending college. she's not too big to climb in bed with me and snuggle and watch a movie. she stills me and thank god...always will.
2. her dog, or should i say our dog. the cutest little shih tzu you ever saw. Izzy, loves me unconditionally and while she drives me crazy sometimes with her hyper little bouncy self...she brings a big ole smile to any gloomy day!
3. this ones tougher...been a rough year! being able to sit in silence with friends and family and feel/be comfortable, loved and at peace!
what can i say...i'm easy!

Angela ~ Yes, Dear! said...

What a wonderful giveaway Jess x And so wonderful when hand picked by you ...

The three things that most give me JOY are simple:
* Laughing with tears
* Cuddles from my children first thing in the morning
* When my husband kisses me on the nape of my neck

Not necessarily in that order xxx

Anonymous said...

My 3 joys in life are family, holidays and horror movies

Anonymous said...

My name is Gina diolosa on facebook I just left the anonymous comment saying my 3 joys in life are family, holidays and horror movies

ginnie said...

what a lovely giveaway!

my three joys:

keep being whoa, you're an inspiration!

Crystal Goulding said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Re: your question, the dresses at from Pumpkin Patch - I picked them up at their current sale this week!

Anonymous said...

I am a follower of your blog and your facebook page x
3 things that fill my life with Joy
My Family
My Home
My Audrey Hepburn Collection

Anonymous said...

I am filled with joy at..
1.)The sound of my children's laughter.
2.)The twinkle in my husband's eye that tells me he loves me..
3.)The word REMISSION!!!

Anonymous said...

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