Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Day of the 'YES'!

Summer School Holidays 
Darling Husband's 2 week break from work
The Day of the 'Yes'.

Today my darling Husband and I became our daughters Dream Parents and allowed them to choose how we would spend the day as a family. 
This is what they came up with.

We said YES to Luna Park

                                                         We said YES to the Carousel

We said YES to Fairy Floss and Ice Cream Cones

We said YES to dizzy, twirly rollercoaster rides

We said YES to Silly Mirrors and Funny Faces

We said YES to the Golden Arches

'Twas a Very Good Day


What have you said YES to lately?


Angela ~ Yes, Dear! said...

YES YES YES!!! Love it! How gorgeous xxx

Deborah said...

What a beautiful post, Jess. And your munchkins are so beautiful too! So glad you said YES. :)

Lyndal said...

oh! i love this! the look on their faces says it all!

Jolene's Mumbo Jumbo said...

Jess - what a gorgeous post & a gorgeous family! I will try to make tomorrow a YES day xxx

Stranger Than Fiction aka yeran said...

Beautiful!!! What an awesome day of yesness <3
I think I may do yes days way to often lol

kirri @ Happy Mums At Home said...

The photos tell an adventure by themselves don't they? A day of yes = lot of WOOTness x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful day! Must be get to have a warm winter down under. Cute kiddos and sexy hubby-lucky you.

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