Friday, February 24, 2012

A Love Note (...of sorts)

As I set off this afternoon to pick up my cheeky minxes from school/kinder, I espied some graffiti under my window sill. Graffiti is nothing new to me. My girls are prolific in the art of texta/crayon/pencil/biro/jelly/lipstick/chocolate cookie/yoghurt autographs. Since becoming a mother I have long given up my Dream of having clean white walls and white furnishings, like the images I swoon over in interior design magazines and my Fantasy pinboards on Pinterest.

But this graffiti, dear readers, is here to stay. 
A love note from one of my mischievous daughters.
The 3 words they hear most often from their mother.


Do you have gifted graffiti artists leaving surprise love notes around your home too?


Hayley - HappyHouseWifey said...

Oh, that's so gorgeous! My munchkins arne't big enough to write words yet... though I did get some lead pencil squiggles on teh wall one day. Has not happened again. :)

Will you be keeping it on the wall, or trying to erase it?

Jess WhoaMamma said...

Oooh, love the lead pencil squiggles! I think this'll be a Keeper, Hayley. It'd break my heart to remove it xxx

kirri @ Happy Mums At Home said...

This reminds me of Andy Pausch (author of 'The Last Lecture") when he tells a story of how his parents let him decorate his bedroom walls in whatever way he saw fit. He used to write mathematical equations. poetry etc all through-out his childhood on his walls and his parents kept it that way....I just admired the way his parents allowed him to be so free and unrestrained as a child - its an unconventional approach because a lot of us would freak!
Now your family has a story and visible token of love to share and be reminded of., always. Beautiful x

Zanni said...

So sweet! What an angel! You raise them well xx

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