Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Body Love!

A vintage American fruit crate label.
Could not resist the irony. Pic taken from pinterest.

Today was the first day of my Body Love Challenge.

Inspired by the public pledge taken by Katrina from 'The Organised Housewife' and Jac from 'Common Chaos Chronicle', and joined by many others, I took the first step on my journey back to a healthier lifestyle. And when I say First Step, it was actually a few thousand steps today. I did a 5.5 km walk around the lake which, for a couch-adorner like me, was an amazing achievement.

I've never ever been the sporty or outdoorsy type (excluding sunbaking and frolicking at the beach). I remember in school I would always feign some illness or another to get out of Phys Ed. The only time I genuinely had an excuse not to run around the school block 5 times with class, was when I had stayed over at my grandparents house one night. My granny had given me some fresh clothes to wear to school the next day, including knickers whose elastic had stretched beyond belief. It was dangerous to walk, let alone run without the risk of them falling down around my ankles.

But I digress......

I'm not a big believer in numbers. I don't have scales at home. I don't care about calories or kilos, dress sizes or cms off. I do believe in energy and vitality. I'm a Mamma to 3 girls and I have to set a positive example to them. I don't diet, but I'll be sensible with what I eat. Deprivation doesn't work for me, it just makes me want something more!
I believe food is one of the greatest pleasures and joys in life, but everything in moderation.
I think that has been my downfall. Portion control. My excuse? I'm Greek! And the guilt I feel for all the poor starving children in the world is no reason why I should be finishing my girlies leftovers at dinnertime.

Now that's MY kind of diet!

I've never been a Skinny-Minnie, nor do I want to be. I love, love, LOVE my curves and embrace them wholeheartedly. Curvalicious. Voluptuous. Buxom Bombshell. I'm friends with my thighs, my butt and especially my bosom. My "problem area" would be my Mummy Tummy. I'm grateful that my belly bore the gift of 3 kiddies, but the aftermath is the source of all my wardrobe woes. Front on I have the faintest semblence of an Hour Glass figure. Turn sideways and the Hour Glass resembles more a Sun Dial or Alarm Clock (with the alarm bells ringing big time!!).

Marilyn Monroe: the quintessential Bombshell with
curves in all the right places.

I know what's healthy for me, but just because I have broccoli and zucchini in the fridge, it ain't gonna do a lot of good unless I actually EAT IT!!! And I know I need to drink more water. The water I pour into my 3 cups of coffee I drink every day don't count.

The key with me is to MOVE!!
As Oprah once declared, "If you move, you lose!"

I tried the gym once but couldn't maintain the enthusiasm. Being in a small room with artificial lighting, torturous equipment and sweaty women with pained expressions on their faces was just no fun for me.
Which is why I've chosen to exercise by doing Lake and Beach walks. I'm so grateful that my home is 10 mins walk to the beach and also 10 mins walk to the Lake, and I'm going to make the most of my majestic surroundings.

No torturous exercise equipment for me, thanks!

I walked today and I felt brilliant! I left the earphones at home and enjoyed the sounds of the birds tweeting in the trees, the sun on my face, the oxygen in my lungs, the peace in my mind, the serenity in my soul and happiness in my heart (all while smilingly dodging the big bombs of swan poo along my path).

My goals?

To do my Lake/Beach walks at least 4 times a week.
To live a great, big, long, happy, healthy life with my loved ones.
To not feel the need to hide behind my children in photos.
And on my birthday (next month) to wear the most fab, sexy dress I can find... without the need for Spanx or Nancy Ganz shapewear underneath.

Are you happy with the skin you're in?


Anonymous said...

Lovely post Mamma!
If you've got it, shake it!!XXX

Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle said...

Thanks Jess, I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you. xoxox

Deborah said...

How inspiring! Yes I love and accept the skin I'm in, but right now I'm not happy with the way things are heading (if you know what I mean). I'm 2 weeks into a fitness plan and hoping to make a change.

By the way, I love all your pics. Where do you find them all? (or is that a big secret?!) ;)

Retreauxgirl said...

Beach walks!! A woman after my own heart!! Have a good one, from one Mummy Tummy to another
Hugs ~Leslie

BoPeep said...

You have such a great writing style. Love how you take a seemingly overdone topic (weight loss) and make it interesting again. Keeps us all coming back! Love it!

purely4kids said...

Hmmm, I think I could join you on the gin and tonic diet - like the sound of that one.

Classic Style-in the city said...

that is great goal you have..shake it baby..like your beach walks..sounds nice ;)
answer your question ..NO Im not satisfied with my body..I need to loose 20 more..I still have my *pregnant belly*...soooo this summer is situps..powerwalks and pushups :)))) /Marie

Crafty Housewife said...

Ha! Love it! I too have the same problems and am still trying to get off the baby weight from #3. I took up running and am trying to add in yoga. The best of luck to you and thanks for stopping by Crafty Housewife for my SITS day!

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