Friday, June 17, 2011

In the Golden Light

Picking up my littlest, Katrushski, from Kindergarten this afternoon, my mind was in a whirl. What to make for dinner? Did we need anything from the shops while I was out? Did I put the towels in the dryer?  It was drizzling constantly and I was opening and closing my umbrella like a madwoman.
My younger sister who is staying with us called and asked me to pop into the pharmacy and purchase some essentials for her.  The pharmacy I went to didn't have what she wanted so I headed down to the next one. Tired, hungry and fearful that a storm was coming, I navigated Katrushki through a weave of bulldozers and potholes, as the street we were trying to cross to get home was undergoing roadworks. The air smelled like rain and hot asphalt, and was filled with the shrill sounds of drilling and workmen yelling out to each other.

We crossed the road and walked down our beautifully tree-lined street heading for home. All of a sudden  the menacing storm clouds parted, and the most beautiful pinky gold rays of light shone through, blinding us with their warmth and brilliance.

Suddenly, I Was In The Moment. All the mental, meaningless static in my mind cleared, as did the fuss and bother of the roadworks. All that mattered right now, at this very point in time was being with my little Katrushki, holding her warm little hand, listening to her stories of playing with green glitter play-dough, of the yummy rice with green things that she had for lunch, of the stormy picture she painted at kinder today.

I watched her bathed in that heavenly golden light and pulled out my phone. A tiny little innocent in a shiny pink raincoat and a purple backpack  that was almost as big as her. I wanted to take a picture of her right there and then, and to never forget that feeling, that everything that I had ever done in my life, led me to that point where I was today. With my little girl. A proud Mum. The Perfect Moment.


pikeletworkshop said...

She is gorgeous! So glad you were able to grab this moment and share it. Thanks.

Annette @ Ruby York Designs said...

Thanks for sharing your sunshine, I needed that just now. And by the way your little miss is just gorgeous, love the dark curls!!

Jessicats said...

Thank you so much, Jen & Annette! Yes my little Katrushki is a gorgeous little creature. The curls she got from her mamma, the rest is all Daddy, especially her big brown eyes and fluttery lashes (so unfair when husbands have more beautiful lashes than their wives) xxx

Marie Söderberg said...

aww she is a cutie..
Love the way you fun to read :)) and of course Im your follower..
/Marie (from FBs. classic style -in the city)

Angela ~ Yes, Dear! said...

Love love love! These are the BEST moments xxx

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

What an adorable little Katrushski. Our life is made up of these catch your breath moments. They are magic!

Glad I stumbled across this little blog today.

Im' off to back track here for a little while.


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