Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Cowgirl Sisterhood : or : Why I Wanna Be A Cowgirl

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but contrary to my 'Whoa, Mamma!' profile pic (the fabulous print by renowned vintage pinup artist, Gil Elvgren), I'm not actually a Cowgirl. Nor am I blonde. But I am buxom. And I damn well want to learn how to use a lassoo (oh, the things I could do...)   ;)

My Cowgirl alter-ego came about one day when I was literally at the end of my tether. The demands of Motherhood were overwhelming me, Housework was swamping me, and I didn't know which way to turn. I thought if I heard one more complaint/demand/argument or slipped on another trodden grape/banana/vegemite sandwich, I would explode.

So I went and locked myself in my room for a bit of time-out.

I'm one of those types who'll smile and say everything is alright, even when it isn't.

On this particular day, I hit a wall. I felt I had noone to turn to. I needed to release. And so, I opened up my laptop, googled  Blogger, and set about creating my little blog, 'Whoa, Mamma!'

I had no idea what a blog was or how to go about it. I had no intention of  anybody reading it, except me. To me, my little darling blog was a 21st Century version of my high-school diary. A place to put down my thoughts and feelings, memories and emotions.

But to write, to express my thoughts and feelings, I need to be Brave. In order to be Brave enough to hit that 'PUBLISH' button on my first post, I needed an alter-ego. I envisaged myself as strong, confident, resilient, a free spirit, and maybe even a lil bit sassy. Immediately an image of a Cowgirl came to mind, and everything just clicked. I felt at home. I was up on my horse and galloping, baby! Yee-ha!!

What is it about Cowgirls? To me, they embody strength, resilience, hardwork, at one with the land, they get going when times are tough. They also exemplify an incredible faith , a freedom of spirit and an absolute devotion to their families and communities. They band together and support each other in times of need.

There's also a sassy sexiness associated with Cowgirls. 

Hello? Girls with guns?

Girls with whips and lassos riding astride wild beasts? Catch my drift?

Blogging under the guise of 'Whoa, Mamma' has also been a wonderful way to meet kindred spirits (that's YOU, my darling readers!). And some of the most gorgeous hearted souls I've ever had the privilege of 'meeting' include real life cowgirls: strong, independent, inspiring women who promote the cowgirl way.

These women and their communities inspire me on a daily basis. The Cowgirl Sisterhood, in particular: Barbara from 'Shabby Cowgirl', Vicki from 'Cowgirl Boutique', and Elise from 'Cowgirl in the Sand'.

It is with much love and adoration that I dedicate this post to them and thank them for welcoming me into their Cowgirl World. Giddy-up Sisters!

♥ Jess xxx

*A special thank-you to all who have been supporting me and voting for me to be included in the Circle of Moms 'Top 25 Aussie Mum Blogs'. I'm so humbled and grateful for it all.
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Thanks again, my lovelies!
Jess xxx


kirri said...

Always fun, always a pleasure. Giddyup!

Barclay Hurley said...

As above give a funny pics with Cowgirl Boots. This is so good post for nice hat.

Cowgirl Boots

Elise said...

I can't even tell you how proud and honored I am that you named me as a kindred Cowgirl! Yeehaw and giddyup, girlfriend!!!

BoPeep said...

Yes, yes, yes! Strength, resilience, freedom and devotion. You hit the nail on the head. Great pics. Now get along little doggies!

Stranger Than Fiction aka Yeran said...

I'm getting me some cowbiy boots for christmas ;-) well I hope that's what I'm getting lol. Yee har beautiful lady xxx

katepickle said...

Sometimes it takes a bit of imagination to see ourselves as we are and can be! LOVE your cow girl image... I could totally get into the whole whip thing! LOL

Park Confessional said...

Lovely to hear the back story since I only recently became a fan! I'm a bit of a lone cowgirl too, although for me it's all down to the boots! Xoxo park confessional

MultipleMum said...

I have never embraced my inner- cowgirl. Perhaps the next fancy dress party is my opportunity. Glad your alter-ego gives you freedom and opportunity. You can't ask for more. Cute post x

Anonymous said...

"I thought if I heard one more complaint/demand/argument or slipped on another trodden grape/banana/vegemite sandwich, I would explode."
Bahahaha LOVE IT!! Every mumma can identify with that!
I too am one who will smile and say everything is ok, especially when it's not!
I am so looking forward to joining in the SYL challenge with you and all the other awesome mummas I've been meeting. XOXO

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