Thursday, April 24, 2014

ANZAC Deliciousness!

 Do you know the story behind one of Australia's most loved biscuits?

As most Australians & New Zealanders would know, the iconic ANZAC biscuit was developed by the women (wives, mothers, sweethearts) left behind by the Australian and New Zealander soldiers (ANZACs) when the armies set off for battle at the beginning of the first World War . These women wanted to send sweets to their loved ones, a little treat from home, but they needed something that would keep well on the journey.

And so, with a mixture of rolled oats, dessicated coconut, and golden syrup as the signature traits, the humble ANZAC biscuit was born. They were usually packed lovingly in tins, a message of love and courage tucked away inside, sent with a prayer that these sweet, nourishing biscuits would reach these embattled soldiers, hopefully alive and as well as could possibly be expected.

The other week, ALDI Australia had kindly invited me to visit the The Modern Baking Co, a fabulous bakery that produces their wonderful ANZAC biscuits. I was so excited at  the invitation because:
          a) I'm a real baking afficionado
          b) I was always fascinated by the history & tradition of the ANZAC biscuit
          c) I could leave domestic drudgery behind for an afternoon
          d) and (of course), COOKIES!!!!!.

I was greeted by my lovely host Erin who took me on a tour of the bakery. The scent was delicious!

Look at the size of those ovens!!!

I skipped my gypsy earrings and leopard stilletos  and traded them in for sensible shoes, a slicked back mamma bun, tres chic blue hairnet and glamazon fluorescent orange overcoat to venture onto the bakery floor to see where the magic happens!

Factory floor chicness! 

One of the magic ingredients, rolled oats! Tonnes of!
Welcome to cookie heaven!

The coconutty, golden syrupy, oaty batter goodness is dolloped out
like little soldiers marching in lines. 

On their way to get baked! 

Plaque on the oven dedicated to former RSL President, Bruce Ruxton
Did you know that 4% from the proceeds of sales of ANZAC biscuits are donated to support the wonderful community work of the RSL (The Returned and Services League)? This initiative was started by former RSL President, the late Bruce Ruxton in the 1990's.

The lovely staff at The Modern Baking Co pack, pack, packing the ANZAC goodness.

Millions of ANZACS packed and ready to be eaten! 

 Which brings me to the extra special commemorative tins....


ALDI Australia, in collaboration with The Modern Baking Co, has created an exclusive, limited edition Unibic ANZAC Biscuit tin, commemorating 100 years since the start of World War 1.
The tin, entitled “The Ancient Tombs of Giza”, honours the nearly 20,000 Australian servicemen and 300 members of the Australian Army Nursing Service who left for training camps in Egypt in 1914.
Endorsed by the Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL), the limited edition “The Ancient Tombs of Giza” and “The Victoria Cross” Unibic ANZAC Biscuit tins are available now across ALDI stores nationally for $9.99, until stocks last.

ALDI 100 Year Commemorative Tin
"The Ancient Tombs of Giza'' (1914-2014)

ALDI ANZAC Biscuit Commemorative Tin
"The Victoria Cross"
 Whether you're looking forward to dipping into a cup of tea, or making it into a sandwich with Nutella (highly recommend!) don't forget to pop into ALDI this week to pick up an extra special commemorative tin. A percentage of proceeds from each sale will be donated by ALDI Australia  to benefit the wonderful work of the RSL. On top of that, ALDI Australia will also be donating an extra $20,000 to the RSL to provide welfare assistance to members and their families. Very generous indeed!

***** GIVEAWAY!!!!! *****

ALDI Australia would like to offer 5 of my readers a special ANZAC treat.
I have 5 gift packs of of the Exclusive ALDI ANZAC tins to give away!
(That's a delicious amount of ANZACS, enough to share with the rest of the family!)

To enter, all I want to know is:

"What is your favourite way to eat an ANZAC biscuit?"
So easy!!!

Leave your answer in the comments below!
Entries close 6pm, Friday 25th April 2104 (Melbourne Time)
*Sorry, giveaway only open to Australian residents xxx

*This is not a sponsored post. 
*I was gifted (and tempted by) super yummy cookies in order to help ALDI Australia raise awareness and funds for their ANZAC/RSL fundraising campaign


kirri said...

I like mine with a cup of organic rooibos tea! Oh and look grand in orange and blue darling xx

Mary Preston said...

I love my ANZAC biscuits with a cup of tea and good company.

My Dad was a Digger, so this would be amazing thank you.

Amy said...

I 'may' dip them into chocolate that I have melted in the microwave. Don't tell my kids!

RossS12 said...

I use them as a quick and easy crumble on top of stewed fruit with ice cream on the side.

JenniferB said...

I love eating ANZAC biscuits with a cuppa from the thermos while watching my mighty Bombers thrash Collingwood at the ANZAC day football match!

Jess WhoaMamma said...

Oooh! Rooibos tea, how divine! You are a winner my darling! Would you please email me at with your postal deets so I can arrange to have your Anzac goodies posted out to you promptly! Hurrah! Bless you, beautiful xxx

Jess WhoaMamma said...

Ooh, good company makes everything more delicious! You are a winner, lovely Mary!! What a beautiful connection about your darling Dad. You must be so proud! Would you kindly email me your postal details at so I can have your yummy goodies sent out promptly!! Thank you for entering! Xxx

Jess WhoaMamma said...

I'm a sucker for chocolate too, Amy! I won't tell your kids! You are a winner!! Please email your postal details to me at so I can have your scrumptious prize sent out to you promptly!

Jess WhoaMamma said...

Why, that's an absolutely fabulous idea! And a winning one, too! Congratulations RossS12! Please email me at with your postal details so I can have your prize sent out promptly! Thank you for entering! Xxx

Jess WhoaMamma said...

Jennifer, that's a fabulous tradition (I hope your team won). Well, YOU'RE a winner, anyway! Congratulations! Please email me your postal details so I can have your delicious goodies sent out to you promptly!! Thank you so much for entering! Xxx

Elfie, Leader of the Elves said...

The cookies look so yummy! I wanna have one of those right now ;)

With lots of love from the North Pole,
Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World

Anonymous said...

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